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Ready to solve your business challenges?

Fuel growth with research talent and funding.

New initiatives can be risky — whether you’re developing a new product, increasing productivity, conquering new markets, or implementing new technologies.

But with an evidence-based innovation strategy, you can lead and succeed with confidence.

Boost your ROI with actionable insight.


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Why innovate with Mitacs?

  • Manage risk
    Gain critical expertise to adapt in uncertain times
  • Beat the competition
    Find creative solutions to complex problems
  • Optimize your budget
    Improve resource allocation with funding support
  • Foster sustainable growth
    Develop strategies that deliver long-term success
  • Expand your network globally
    Connect with key players in your industry
  • Discover new opportunities
    Think outside the box with exceptional talent
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Build your innovation capacity with the pros

At Mitacs, we understand the challenges of experimenting with new ideas, technologies, and processes. That’s why we bring together the right partners from across academia, industry, and not-for-profit organizations to achieve your R&D goals.

Whether it’s finding talent, funding, or networking opportunities — we support you throughout your innovation journey.

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Accelerate your project with Mitacs

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Your project is co-funded; you cover only 50% of the cost


Your R&D project can be scalable and multidisciplinary


You are matched with the right talent and expertise


You gain access to our extensive global networks

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Outcomes of projects
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Innovation in action

Did you know Mitacs has partnered with 9,400+ SMEs across Canada?

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Innovator combats algal bloom that kills fish

Small business entrepreneur Jason Deglint is using machine learning to develop novel technology that has the potential to fight harmful algae blooms — ultimately saving time, money, and fish lives.

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The Internet of the future is closer than we think

An Ontario start-up has developed the first ever global network that enables the distribution of quantum-endowed encryption keys from quantum random number generators at scale. Quantum Key Infrastructure™ (QKI) not only protects national security networks, but can also be integrated into critical systems.

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“Thanks to the Mitacs Accelerate Entrepreneur program, I took a leap of faith to continue pursuing Blue Lion Labs after my PhD. This has allowed us to withstand the global pandemic, find additional pre-seed funding through Next Canada, and participate in a global aquaculture accelerator called HATCH.”

Jason Deglint
CEO, Blue Lion Labs

“Mitacs was fundamental in helping us develop QKI. It is very difficult to find skilled labour in this sector. The Accelerate program gave us access to the talent we desperately needed.”

Dr. Mattia Montagna
CEO, Quantum Bridge Technologies
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About Mitacs

With 16,000+ collaborations and 100+ advisors, Mitacs is a catalyzing force in the Canadian innovation ecosystem. We build a world-class, diverse community of innovators through our collaborative model, attracting and deploying top talent to industry, and matching need with expertise to create ambitious solutions to real-world challenges.