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At the heart of small businesses

Talent-driven innovation

Learn how our unique approach to skills matching and financial support is enabling small businesses to reach new heights and success.

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Get mighty with Mitacs

Let's give small business a big voice

We amplify important voices — like yours — through strong support from a community that has your back.

Your budget just got bigger

Start a co-funded R&D project with a partner trusted by 10,600+ Canadian SMEs.

Your team just got smarter

Discover top-tier talent and passionate research associates with sector-specific knowledge.

Your voice just got louder

Get hands-on support from 100+ advisors experienced in innovation management.

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Don't let limited resources limit your growth.

Find flexible R&D solutions with Mitacs.

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Great things aren't done in a silo

Small business owners are the heart of our economy— boldly going where no innovator has gone before.

But without the right people by your side, it can get overwhelming.

Over 50% of Canadian businesses with 20-99 employees anticipate shortage of labour to be an obstacle over the next three months. 

We're here to change that.

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We invest in your biggest resource: your team

If 20+ years of innovation has taught us anything, it's that great ideas are meant to be shared. 

That's why we co-invest in extraordinary talent — up to 55% — and commit experienced advisors to your R&D challenges.

Because we believe innovation should be collaborative, meaningful, and human-centered.

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Let's write your success story together.

10,600+ SME partners. $1.3 billion in R&D investment. 

Last year, we saved businesses $5 million in recruitment costs and created around 1,000 jobs for the next generation of innovators.

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Meet our innovation experts

Not your typical advisors

Our advisors are subject matter experts with advanced degrees who specialize 
in niche sectors (yes, even that one). 

We connect you to the right talent and simplify complex industry challenges into flexible co-funded R&D projects.


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Regional presence, global reach.

With 100+ advisors throughout Canada, you’re never too far from a solution. And with 100,000+ successful projects, you can probably tell we love a good challenge. 

Why go it alone when you can learn and grow in a thriving ecosystem?

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Did you know?


of our partners are small and mid-sized enterprises – just like you


of small businesses reported enhanced skills and 
knowledge after partnering with us


commercialized or anticipate commercializing the result oftheir co-funded Mitacs project

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Celebrating the diversity of Canada's people, talent, and vision

Check out these inspiring stories from award-winning entrepreneurs

Mitacs funding allowed me to work full time on growing our company with tremendous results.

Dr. Rafaela Andrade
CEO, Myomar Molecular

Mitacs’s support was critical at the start of our journey. It helped us define the first steps of product development, meet new partners and investors, and bring awareness to the under-served problem of menstrual pain.

Nanette Sene
CEO, Juno Technologies

Mitacs orchestrated the bridge between academia and industry to facilitate a unique career path, allowing me to work as an intern at my own company while I simultaneously completed my degree.

Jeremy Wang
COO, Ribbit
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Reimagine the future of small business